Código Fonte Tema Boombox

R$700,00 R$499,00

Extremely Customisable Layout & Design

  • Enhanced WordPress Customiser options
  • Full Width or Boxed layouts
  • Unlimited 2 layer header layout and behaviour variations
  • 2 layer footer with 3 widget area
  • Shape patterns for header and footer (e.g. rags, clouds, grass, none)
  • Advanced sidebars management
  • 8 post listing types with infinite scroll, “load more” or numeric pagination
  • 2 size of post strip slider & 3 types of featured posts area
  • Fully customisable colour scheme, styles & fonts
  • Hide/Show any element on any page
  • Create prototype of BuzzFeed, BoredPanda, 9Gag or any other viral magazine

Configurable Posts Ranking System

  • 4 post ranking types: Views, Shares, Upvotes, Comments
  • Configure trending criteria by one of the 4 ranking types
  • Trending (24 hours), Hot (last 7 days) & Popular (last 30 days)
  • Trending, Hot & Popular fancy badges
  • Generate Most Viewed, Most Shared, Most Voted & Most Discussed post lists
  • Create pages of best post lists by any criteria within different period of time
  • Configure all sections of post lists by one of 4 criteria (featured posts, strips, widgets)

Engaging Reaction Voting System

  • Let visitors vote with reactions just after reading
  • Highlight 2 most frequent reactions on post
  • Engage other visitors by showing fancy reaction badges
  • Custom colour options for reaction badges
  • 24 reaction emojis – 2 hand handcrafted set
  • Possibility to add custom reaction emojis (svg files)
  • Create post lists by reaction categories
  • Set minimal reaction score for classifying post under that reaction
  • Set maximal reaction types count per vote
  • Restrict voting by login or just by visitor IP

Attractive Multipurpose Badges

  • Category badges (e.g. quiz, poll, music, videos etc.)
  • Create any badge with 600+ icons
  • Reaction badges with texts or emojis (e.g. lol, omg, wtf, geeky etc.)
  • 24 reaction emojis – 2 hand handcrafted set
  • Possibility to add custom reaction emojis (svg files)
  • Trending, Hot and Popular badges
  • Independently set custom colours to all type of badges
  • Create badges navigation
  • Disable any type of badges

Zombify Front-end Uploader is included

  • Enable frontend submissions & build bloggers community
  • Simple News and Numbered Listicles
  • Open / Ranked Lists with voting
  • Personality Quiz, Trivia Quiz and Polls
  • Audio and Video Formats
  • Social Media Embeds
  • Meme generator and more
  • Moderation System

Powerful Social Sharing System

  • Powered by MashShare plugin
  • Clear call to action buttons
  • Fully customisable styles
  • Editable buttons labels
  • Sticky sharing bar
  • Adjustable share buttons positions
  • Fake share counts for easy start
  • 25+ networks possibility via Mashshare add-on (including WhatsApp for mobile)
  • Force to share quiz before seeing result with Viralpress

Ads Everywhere with WP QUADS plugin

  • ads injected into post lists
  • ads in sidebar with sticky option
  • ad before/after the header area
  • ad before/after the content area
  • ad before the “You may also like” section
  • ad before the “More from” section
  • ad before the “Don’t miss” section
  • ad before the comments section
  • ad in footer widget area
  • ads in locations like “before the article first paragraph” etc…

Other Features

  • SEO optimised
  • W3 valid / semantically correct HTML Code
  • Cross browser compatible (IE 9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc.)
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Retina Ready
  • RTL support
  • WPML support
  • Advanced GIF control
  • Upvotes and Downvotes
  • Newsletter with MailChimp subscriptions
  • All Social Media Icons from Font Awesome
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Contact Form 7 support

Boombox WPML Support


// v2.7.8 - 21.04.2021
-    Improvement: Translation strings Updates 

// v2.7.7 - 19.04.2021
-    Update: WooCommerce Mini Cart template
-    Fix: Single post template, related articles section: ads appearance fixes
-    Improvement: Kirki customizer minor fonts optimizations
-    Fix on Zombify: Covertation fixes for CloudConvert with Amazon S3

// v2.7.6 - 31.03.2021
-    Update: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Fix: Google reCaptcha front-end fixes
-    Improvement: minor improvements

// v2.7.5 - 03.03.2021
-    Fix: Get embed data from URL for Twitch embeds

// v2.7.4 - 02.03.2021
-    Update: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Update: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Improvement: Auto-load Next Post plugin compatibility fixes
-    Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin compatibility fixes for the Front-end Editor 
-    Improvement: Twitch embedding for post listing types without thumbnails
-    New on Zombify: Added description for countdown items in AMP version
-    New on Zombify: Added support for Twitch Clips

// v2.7.3 - 26.01.2021
-    Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Improvement on Zombify: Integration Post create/update front page with WPML  
-    Improvement on Zombify: Twitch embed updated to the Twitch API changes
-    Improvement on Zombify: Twitch Application ID and Twitch Application Secret fields are added to the Zombify Settings

// v2.7.2 - 21.12.2020
-    Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Improvement: Theme capability information added

// v2.7.1 - 15.12.2020
-    Fix: WordPress 5.6 compatibility fixes
-    Fix: Facebook Comments Plugin reinstal
-    Fix: Paginated post small fixes
-    Fix: Facebook Embed
-    Fix: Post Formats assignment to user roles
-    Improvement: WordPress Dashboard small improvements
-    Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version

// v2.7.0 - 10.11.2020
-    Fix: WordPress 5.5.3 compatibility fixes

// v2.6.9 - 05.11.2020
-    New: WP media file attachment template /SEO orientated improvement/
-    Fix: Icons
-    Fix: video mute/unmute button 

// v2.6.8 - 30.10.2020
-    Fix: Customizer fixes
-    Fix: Easy Social Share plugin for WordPress update fixes

// v2.6.7 - 29.10.2020
-    Improvement: Easy Social Share plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Improvement: H1 added to the archive pages when the title is hidden
-    New: Discord was added to Boombox socials
-    Fixed: Customizer/Home/Main - Share Bar Elements - now always shown
-    Improvement on Zombify: minor Front-end improvements
-    Fixed on Zombify: Paginated posts bug for lists post formats 

// v2.6.6 - 01.10.2020
-    Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Improvement: Easy Social Share plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Improvement: Customizer UX improvements
-    New: An option to hide "Compose" button added
-    Fixed: BuddyPress dark mode styling

// v2.6.5 - 03.09.2020
-    Improvement: Zombify plugin for Boombox updated to the latest version
-    Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin updated to the latest version
-    Improvement: BuddyPress plugin for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Improvement: WooCommerce for WordPress updated to the latest version
-    Improvement and fixes: Easy Social Share Buttons compatibility fixes
-    Improvement: WooCommerce compatibility fixes
-    Improvement: Auto-responding email translation improvements
-    Improvement: Date format options
-    Improvement: Customizer UX improvements
-    Improvement: Boombox socials notice
-    Improvement: Featured labels section UX improvements
-    New: Options to include Header layers to dark/light mode
-    Improvement Zombify: MEME UX notice added
-    Improvement Zombify: Translations
-    Fixed Zombify: Ranked/Open Lists post date formats
-    New Zombify: New WebM video format uploading option

// v2.6.4 - 14.08.2020
-    Improvements and fixes: WordPress 5.5. compatibility fixes

// v2.6.3 - 30.07.2020
-    Improvements: WooCommerce updated to the latest version
-    Improvements: LiteSpeed Cache Plugin compatibility improvements
-    New: the ability to add a custom label for Menu items
-    New: added titles to “Post Listing Type” – Customiser and Dashboard
-    Fixed: scroll issue with the open modal
-    Fixed: user IP detection – removed restrictions for specific IP’s
-    Fixed: “counter” validation in shortcode download
-    Fixed: AMP post metadata bug
-    New: Zombify – Affiliate button text on Open List and Ranked List now editable
-    Fixed: Zombify - Pinterest embed videos fixes
-    Fixes: Zombify minor styling fixes

// v2.6.2 - 11.06.2020
- New: TikTok embed option added to Zombify
- Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to the latest version
- Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin updated to the latest version
- Fixed: WP Social Login and Boombox native login compatibility issue
- Fixed: Twitter callback URL configuration update for Social Login
- Fixed: Date format change possibility added for AMP pages
- Fixed: Dark mode bug fixes
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.6.1 - 07.04.2020
- Improvement: Compatible with WordPress v5.4 
- Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to the latest version
- Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons plugin updated to the latest version
- Improvement: Updated WooCommerce templates
- Improvement: reCAPTCHA v3 support added
- Improvement: Option to hide the "To Top" button
- Improvement: Option to add a custom "Check It Out" button text for affiliate posts
- Fixed: Zombify post type default categories now appear for new posts
- Fixed: Dark Mode Bugs
- Fixed: Multiple Minor fixes

// v2.6.0.2 - 27.11.2019
- Fixed: Minor fixes

// v2.6.0.1 - 10.10.2019
- Fixed: Bug fixes

// v2.6.0 - 02.10.2019
- New: Dark Mode
- Improvement: Adjust the theme according to the updated WordPress requirements
- Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to the latest version
- Improvement: Updated WooCommerce templates
- Fixed: WooCommerce customizer issue with changing the number of columns
- Fixed: W3C Total Cache minify option causing error in the AMP version
- Fixed: Issue with user roles on Zombify when logged out
- Fixed: Image issue on iOS devices (z-index)
- Fixed: Search results page issue
- Fixed: Poll voting issue related to z-index
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.9 - 29.04.2019
- Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder plugin updated to the latest version
- Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress updated to the latest version
- Improvement: WhatsApp added to Boombox Socials
- Improvement: Reviewed and updated the template files of the latest version of WooCommerce
- Improvement: Optimized some of the WooCommerce features for the theme
- Improvement: Added more options for image sizes
- Fixed: Issue with ranking pages saving post listing type
- Fixed: Issue with infinite scroll (posts loaded too early)
- Fixed: LiteSpeed Cache plugin issue related to Zombify
- Fixed: target="_blank” vulnerability issue (rel="noopener noreferrer" attribute added)
- Fixed: Issue translating certain blocks of the theme
- Fixed: Issue with applying discount coupons
- Fixed: Single Post Breadcrumb Google Scheme validation issue
- Fixed: Optimized Zombify poll type for the card layout
- Fixed: Issue related to voting process in poll type
- Fixed: ESSB fake share count compatibility issue with real time update counter
- Fixed: Issue with rank images not appearing on the leaderboard page
- Fixed: Compatibility issue with the "Featured Image by URL" plugin
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.8.1 - 27.12.2018
- Improvement: Gamify plugin: 2 new references for upvote and downvote
- Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress: updated to the latest version
- Improvement: WPBakery Page Builder: updated to the latest version
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.8 - 05.10.2018
- Improvement: Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress: updated to the latest version
- Improvement: Auto Load Next Post plugin: updated to the latest version
- Fixed: WP Rocket plugin: issue related to voting system
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.7.1 - 17.08.2018
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.7 - 17.08.2018
- Improvement: Wp Quads plugin: added 2 new positions - Sticky Bottom Area (Desktop/Mobile)
- Improvement: Added option for opening Article Source and Via link in the new window
- Improvement: Gamify plugin: added new hook - Points for every X votes
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.6 - 16.07.2018
- New: Demo - Advertimer
- New: separate page with countdown option for downloading item 
- New: added frontend password reset functionality 
- Improvement: added password strength meter
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.5.1 - 28.06.2018
- Fixed: Ranking system issue related to LiteSpeed Cache plugin
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.5 - 08.06.2018
- New: Added GDPR compliance options
- New: Option for changing color of address bar in mobile browser
- Improvement: MyCred plugin: default badge image activated
- Fixed: Zombify plugin: audio player doesn't show after uploading file
- Fixed: Loco translation plugin doesn't effect to Zombify plugin's texts
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.4 - 31.05.2018
- New: Custom logo for category posts
- Improvement: WpBakery plugin: added hide elements options for Boombox listing element
- Fixed: Zombify plugin doesn't work with Safari 11
- Fixed: Zombify plugin: issue related to scheduled posts publishing date
- Fixed: Single Post: issue related to Gif icon that appeared on the images
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.3.1 - 21.05.2018
- Fixed: BuddyPress plugin: error message on leaderboard and submissions pages
- Fixed: Gamify plugin: can’t translate some texts

// v2.5.3 - 18.05.2018
- Improvement: Media width option in Zombify plugin settings
- Improvement: Sidebar option for Woocommerce product page
- Fixed: Wp Quads pro plugin: Before Content Theme Area ad in single post option doesn't work
- Fixed: In paginated posts missing featured image is missing in all next pages
- Fixed: Can't remove added badge for category
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.2 - 08.05.2018
- Fixed: Facebook plugin - issue related to installation process
- Fixed: Update ESSB plugin - issue related to post share function
- Fixed: Floating Navbar doesn't deactivate
- Fixed: WPBakery doesn't properly work
- Fixed: Custom reaction color functions doesn't work
- Fixed: Categories filter function doesn't properly work
- Fixed: Structured data warning
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.5.1 - 28.04.2018
- Fixed: Facebook Comments plugin download url doesn't work
- Fixed: Infinite scroll option doesn't properly work
- Fixed: Sticky bar option doesn't properly work
- Fixed: Single post hide elements options don't properly work
- Fixed: Multiple post release fixes and improvements

// v2.5.0 - 25.03.2018
- New: Single post templates
- New: Sponsored Articles
- New: WP Galleries with affiliate links
- New: Breadcrumbs 
- New: Post Average Reading time 
- New: Material cards style
- New: Credit / via option for entire article
- New: Remember me checkbox in login popup
- New: Fontawesome 5 Inegration
- New: Custom Activiy Icons Set
- New: Support for LiteSpeed Cache plugin
- New: Leaderboard filters (Gamify)
- Improvement: Post format icon position
- Improvement: Single post pagitnation
- Improvement: Post formatting styles
- Fixed: Product Review Stars Not Showing 
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes

// v2.1.5 - 20.03.2018
- New: Logo Margin Top / Margin Bottom options 
- Improvement: Instagram embed video integration on steam / classic lists 
- Improvement: Option for contributors to delete their own draft posts
- Improvement: AMP style size is reduced
- Fix: GIFs issue on iOS 
- Fix: Warning notices on Woocommerce pages
- Fix: Missing "Check it out" button for affiliate post in AMP version
- Multiple minor fixes

// v2.1.4 - 15.02.2018
- Improvement: Corrections in theme activation process
- Fixed: NSFW posts view is broken
- Fixed: CloudConvert API minor fixes
- Fixed: Open lists / new item upload isn't working properly
- Minor fixes

// v2.1.3 - 13.02.2018
- New: NSFW options (customise->extras->NSFW)
- New: Featured Author widget (Gamify plugin)
- New: Badge and Rank reward notification popup (Gamify plugin)
- Improvement: WooCommerce 3.3.1 support
- Fixed: NSFW posts aren't properly hidden
- Fixed: CloudConvert lib vulnerability issues
- Fixed: Video/mp4 issues uploaded via Zombify
- Minor fixes

// v2.1.2 - 28.01.2018
- New: Separate burger menu locations
- New: Button for regenerating trending, hot and popular lists
- New: Separate options to hide related posts sections on AMP
- Improvement: WooCommerce cards style integration
- Improvement: NSWF posts integration with WPML plugin
- Fixed: Videos doesn't load properly
- Fixed: Customiser color picker issue
- Fixed: Infinite scroll / duplicated posts issue
- Fixed: Cards style unwanted margins
- Multiple minor fixes

// v2.1.1 - 13.01.2018
- Fixed: One Click Demo importer issues
- Fixed: Post titles doesn't appear on strip
- Fixed: WP Rocket plugin compatibility issues
- Fixed: Google Recapcha doesn't work on contact form
- Fixed: Visual Composer post listing filters doesn't work
- Fixed: Icons alignment issues when Visual Composer is activated
- Fixed: Achievements tab pagination (Gamify / Buddypress)
- Multiple minor fixes

// v2.1.0 - 29.12.2017 (major update)
- New: Demo - Gifdom
- New: Demo - Buzzy (recreation)
- New: gifs integration in Masonry Grid listings
- New: gifs integration in Featured Area
- New: smart media placeholder (better ux during the page load)
- New: "Mixed List" listing type (see Buzzy demo)
- New: Single post template card style integration
- New: "Hide title" option for posts listings
- Major improvement: Zombify AMP styles optimisation (before: 30kb, after: 9kb)
- Fixed: Gamify / Buddypress dark mode issues
- Multiple minor fixes

// v2.0.4 - 22.12.2017
- New: "Before featured area" ad location
- New: "After featured area" ad location
- New: "Inside header" ad location
- Fixed: AMP style size issue
- Fixed: Unwanted space on disabled ad areas
- Fixed: WP Quad Pro notices
- Fixed: Ad areas are missing for Home page
- Fixed: Header composition with centred logo doesn't work
- Fixed: RTL issues on mobile
- Fixed: Some icons are misaligned when VC is used
- Multiple minor fixes

// v2.0.3 - 15.12.2017
- Fixed: Reaction badges color doesn't apply on AMP pages
- Fixed: V2 Trending Icon isn't included on AMP icon pack
- Fixed: WP Quad Pro doesn't active on all pages
- Fixed: Ad areas are missing for Home page
- Fixed: Time interval post loop option is missing for Home page
- Fixed: Activation doesn't work if theme is white labeled
- Multiple minor fixes

// v2.0.2 - 12.12.2017
- Fixed: Error appears during page update
- Fixed: Gamify plugin installation issues
- Fixed: Multiple minor fixes and adjustments

// v2.0.1 - 12.12.2017
- Fixed: boombox_social_links depricated function throw an error
- Improvement: Automatic migration process improvement

// v2.0.0 - 12.12.2017 (major update)
- New: Demo - "Dash" 
- New: Smart Header Builder (drag & drop) + multiple new options
- New: Standalone Mobile Header Builder (drag & drop) + multiple new options
- New: Gamify - Advanced myCRED extension (exclusive new plugin)
- New: Buddypress Redesign
- New: Buddypress: Achievements tab
- New: Buddypress: Private leaderboard tab
- New: Buddypress: Points history tab
- New: AMP Ads
- New: Visual Composer
- New: bbPress Support
- New: Featured Area Types
- New: Sidebar Types(including 2 sidebar layouts)
- New: Masonry Grid: Boxed
- New: Masonry Grid: Stretched
- New: Sidebar Navigation Widget
- New: Background Style: Cards
- New: Featured Labels Navigation
- New: Archive Header types
- New: Archive filters
- New: Page Header types
- New: Enhanced Strip Configuration
- New: Smart Sticky Header options
- New: Theme Activation Process
- Major Improvement: Customiser options rebuild
- Major Improvement: Enhanced single page meta options
- Major Improvement: Optimisation of Boombox core
- Major Improvement: Documentation Rewrite (currently in progress)
- Improvement: Redesigned UI
- Improvement: ESSB 5.2
- Improvement: Zombify: Function to control permission for uploading open list items
- Improvement: Zombify: Option for disable open list comments
- Fixed: Zombify: Multiple minor fixes

// v1.9.5.3 - 05.10.2017
- Improvement: option to disable account activation process in popup registration form
- Fixed: image / video files validation issues in Zombify plugin
- Fixed: facebook embed video integration on steam / classic lists
- Fixed: Zombify plugin default settings aren't set on first activation
- Fixed: buddypress registration radio buttons aren't properly aligned
- Fixed: Input type trivia quiz - notice appears when quiz result appears
- Multiple minor fixes

// v1.9.5.2 - 02.10.2017
- Fixed: Zombify post formats titles and descriptions aren't translatable
- Fixed: Open list items issues
- Fixed: Featured image is removed when you update post via Zombify
- Fixed: "Video control" options issues
- Fixed: Default meme templates images' sizes is bigger then required

// v1.9.5.1 - 30.09.2017
- Fixed: Migration error during theme activation
- Fixed: Default meme templates images aren't properly optimised

// v1.9.5.0 - 29.09.2017 (major update)

Boombox Theme:
- New: New demo - "Readly" 
- New: Video format integration for Classic and Stream listing types
- New: WPML support
- New: "3 small posts" featured area type
- Improvement: Renewed mobile design
- Improvement: ESSB v5 support
- Improvement: "AMP for WP" plugin v0.5 support
- Improvement: View tracking on AMP pages via "amp analytics" extension
- Improvement: Instant Articles subtitle support
- Improvement: Buddypress user account activation process is integrated with popup registration form
- Fixed: Auto Load Next Post plugin integration issues
- Fixed: Reactions "max count per vote" option doesn't work
- Multiple minor fixes

Zombify Frontend Uploader Plugin:
- New: Meme templates directory
- New: Input type Trivia Quiz
- New: Countdown post format
- New: Publish date control for Admins and Editors
- New: vk.com embed video support
- Improvement: Froala editor is updated
- Fixed: Paginated list doesn't work with Instant Articles
- Multiple optimisations and fixes

// v1.9.1.1 - 20.09.2017
- Fixed: WordPress v4.8.2 compatibility

// v1.9.1 - 02.08.2017
- New: "Random" posts listing condition
- New: Daily limit option of post submitting for contributors (Zombify plugin)
- New: "Sign Up" button custom URL option (in customise->authentication)
- Improvement: Yoast SEO post words count detection support for Zombify posts
- Fixed: Views don't count on AMP pages
- Fixed: CloudConverter triggered twice when used "get by url" option
- Fixed: Tick icon doesn't appear on AMP polls
- Fixed: Quizzes don't share results on Facebook
- Fixed: Google plus embed doesn't work stable
- Minor fixes.

// v1.9.0.2 - 17.07.2017
- Fixed: Facebook Instant Articles custom rules don't apply properly (Zombify)
- Fixed: Post Ranking System doesn't fetch current lists until it's regenerated in 24h.
- Minor fixes.

// v1.9.0 - 15.07.2017

Zombify Frontend Uploader Plugin:
- New: AMP Support
- New: AMP Polls advanced support
- New: AMP Open / Ranked Lists advanced support
- New: Facebook Instant Articles Support
- New: Enhanced CloudConverter Integration for GIF format (Zombify->Api connect->CloudConvert)
- New: Wordfence security plugin support
- New: Post format ordering option in plugin settings
- New: Buddypress notification (including email) to user when submitted post is published
- Fixed: MP4 and MP3 upload
- Fixed: MP4 video controls doesn't show up
- Fixed: Open list images not always showing up
- Fixed: Not all affiliate links has "nofollow" attribute
- Fixed: "Submissions" tab's post ordering doesn't apply to all posts
- Improvement: JS and CSS files load optimisation
- Improvement: Embeds output approach
- Overall minor UI / UX improvements

Boombox Theme:
- New: AMP Support (brand new design)
- New: AMP ESSB & Mashshare sharing plugins integration
- New: Facebook Instant Articles Support
- New: "Views count scale" option - e.g. 1 view counted as 3 ( in Customise->Post Ranking System)
- Improvement: Attachment template Previous / Next Buttons
- Improvement: Excluding featured area's posts from main post listing
- Minor fixes and optimisations

// v1.8.2 - 25.05.2017
- New: Daylimotion support in boombox advanced fields "video url" 
- Improved: WooCommerce 3.0 support improvement
- Improved: nofollow is added to affiliate button link
- Fixed: Mediaelement js error 
- Fixed: H1 heading appears twice on post single
- Fixed: ESSB plugin error during installation
- Fixed: Via field is missing in story / image (Zombify)
- Fixed: Image upload via Froala doesn't work properly (Zombify)
- Fixed: Open / Ranked lists items template issues (Zombify)
- Fixed: "Choose a format" string isn't translatable (Zombify)
- Fixed: Multiple conversions during GIF upload (Zombify)
- Fixed: Branding colour isn't applied in popup (Zombify)
- Minor fixes

// v1.8.0 - 29.04.2017 (major update)

Zombify Frontend Uploader Plugin:
- New: Froala Rich Text Editor advanced integration
- New: Complex Stories with Quizzes, Polls, Listicles & other formats (all optional)
- New: Instant File Uploading
- New: MP4 Upload for Video format (including mp4 file upload size option)
- New: MP3 Upload for Audio forma (including mp3 file upload size option)
- New: GIF post format with direct MP4 file upload
- New: Autosave
- New: Excerpt & Preface optional fields
- New: Enhanced embeds functionality: facebook, reddit, tumblr, coub, imgur, vidme and more
- New: Option for controlling max count of categories & tags on post
- New: Options for allowed categories
- Improvement: User roles permissions
- Improvement: "Items per page" option for  Open / Ranked lists
- Improvement: Validation errors visibility
- Improvement: Better placement for Featured image upload box
- Improvement: js files loading optimisations
- Fixed: Translation issues
- Overall minor improvements and fixes

Boombox Theme:
- New: Related Posts Widget
- New: Separate option for featured posts on front page
- New: Icon option for "Boombox pick" widget
- Improvement: Option for disabling featured image in post single by categories and tags
- Improvement: WooCommerce 3.0 support
- Improvement: Structured data better support
- Improvement: Multiple minor speed optimisations
- Fixed: ESSB plugin integration minor issues
- Minor fixes
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